Market like a fintech: Why the future is content and partnerships with Stephanie Bowker

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Market like a fintech interview with Stephanie Bowker of Spendesk

This episode of “Market like a fintech” is a replay of our recent private club event on the new professional networking platform Upstream with Stephanie Bowker, Head of Marketing at Spendesk. A product marketer by trade, she lives by the mantra that customers always come first. Before Spendesk, Stephanie worked at Intuit and was the first product marketing hire at Gusto. She also regularly appears on podcasts and events, and shares insights on all things product marketing, how to build and scale a marketing team from nothing, effective customer targeting, and community marketing. Earlier this year, Stephanie was recognised as one of the top 30 most influential fintech marketers of 2021 on our annual honorary list.

Spendesk is an all-in-one spend management platform built for finance teams. They do company cards, expense reimbursements, and automated accounting all in one place. They now have over 40,000 users and raised $18 million back in October last year.

During her chat with Ani Petrova, the founder of the Fintech Marketing Hub, Stephanie touched on how Spendesk has built their 6,500+ CFO community, their current marketing mix, and how to create shareable content.

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Podcast summary:

"My definition of FinTech marketing is creating awareness and engagement with any kind of tool that's offering the movement of money."

"I would say with any type of marketing, I think it's important to just start with the customer. And I would say typically, I find that a B2B fintech buyer is a more pragmatic purchaser. And so, therefore, I think that really influences how we run our marketing strategy, which is a very educational-first marketing strategy. Because we're dealing with, I would say, a bit more of a complicated tool and complicated value prop that we really aim to do a lot more teaching, versus selling in a lot of our marketing."

"Education is probably one of the most important aspects, especially in B2B fintech marketing ... [people] always mentioned the word 'trust', and education plays a big part in building and gaining that trust in the end consumer."

"A huge advantage that I think fintechs have that not maybe all other industries have is data ... one of the really key elements not only to use in adding more value for your customers, being able to do machine learning automation, and actually creating services out of the data but also from a marketing perspective, to really drive a lot of our messaging [and] our content."