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About us

The Fintech Marketing Hub is the first online community platform exclusively dedicated to the world of fintech marketing. 

Fintech, short for Financial Technology, is one of the hottest buzzwords that’s been dominating the finance world over the last decade. Born out of the financial crisis in 2008, fintech represents a new type of financial institutions aiming to revolutionise the traditional financial industry by means of new and disruptive technologies.


The industry has seen some exponential growth recently with fintech investments reaching a record high of $53.4bn in 2018 and more than 12,000 startups globally.

The Fintech Marketing Hub was, therefore, created to support the growing fintech marketing community by providing a one-stop resource for the latest marketing trends and insights in the world of fintech.


The hub also aims to serve as a collaboration platform where fintech marketers of all experience levels can connect and exchange opinions, ideas and expertise. 

Our mission: To help shape the fintech marketing leaders of the future. 
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Who we are

Ani Petrova
Founder, Editor & Author
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Ani is an experienced fintech marketer and a passionate industry advocate. She founded the Fintech Marketing Hub as she wanted to create a platform where fintech marketers can grow, learn and shine together. Her motto is "We are at our best when we pull together!" 

Araminta Robertson
Partner, Editor & Author
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Araminta is a Fintech Marketing consultant who specialises in helping Fintech startups acquire customers with high quality written content. She joined the Fintech Marketing Hub to help spread the word of great marketing tactics, strategies and stories. She is a self-professed Fintech nerd and enjoys running her own podcast, blog and newsletter.

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