Market like a fintech: Why your employees are your best brand advocates with Jeanniey Walden

Updated: Oct 11

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Market like a fintech with Jeanniey from DailyPay

In this episode of “Market like a fintech”, Araminta is chatting with Jeanniey Walden, CMO at DailyPay. Jeanniey has led marketing and growth for fortune 1000 companies, has authored several books and was recently nominated as transformational CMO of the year by the CMO Club. Earlier this year, Jeanniey was also recognised as one of the top 30 most influential fintech marketers of 2021 on our annual honorary list.

DailyPay is an earned income software based in New York that integrates with large company payroll and time management systems, allowing employees to get paid on demand. 80% of Fortune 200 companies that offer on-demand pay partner with DailyPay, including Dollar Tree, Berkshire Hathaway and Adecco. As you’ll see in the episode, they also have exciting news to share.

In this episode, Araminta and Jeanniey talk about how fintech companies can remain customer-centric while focusing on the larger vision, how DailyPay markets to employers when the end-users are employees, and why fintech companies should prioritise brand awareness.