Market like a fintech: Where to get started with fintech influencer marketing with Eric Fulwiler

Updated: Oct 11

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Market like a fintech with Eric Fulwiler 11:fs

In this episode of “Market like a fintech”, Araminta is chatting with Eric Fulwiler, CCO at 11:FS. Eric has spent over 10 years in the digital advertising world, working with global brands such as PepsiCo and Mastercard, and as a UK Managing Director of VaynerMedia. Earlier this year, Eric was also recognised as one of the top 30 most influential fintech marketers of 2021 on our annual honorary list.

He now works at 11:FS, a consultancy that works with financial services companies to help them deliver the next generation of digital propositions and technology. If you’re deep in the fintech space, you would have heard of the 11:FS podcasts, events and even their documentary. 11:FS recently won the British Bank Awards for Consultancy of the Year, and is one of the leading Financial Times Management Consultants for 2 years running.

In the episode, Araminta and Eric chat about what financial services marketing is, the power of using content to add value and where to get started with influencer marketing.

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Podcast summary:

“Fundamentally, a lot of good, modern marketing principles apply to any industry. And I think that is a lot of the opportunity for people out there is not the tactical execution of things that is different industry by industry, but it's the sound fundamentals of good marketing, that are determined by human psychology and sociology.”

“At the tactical execution level and layer, things are different. Regulation is a big part of it, for sure. The competitive sets, just the products that financial service organisations offer - they hold a different place in the lives and do a different job for customers than products and services in other industries.”

"I think that if you practice good marketing fundamentals ... that will lead you in the right direction.”

“I have stuff that I read - podcasts and books, and resources online, of course, but ... I think the best thing that you can research, if you're a marketer, is your community and your customers.”

“The role of marketing is to make an organisation more customer-centric, if you're doing it well. And so I think there's a ton of missed opportunities to tap into, for people to just go study and listen to their customers and the community that's out there around their brands”.

“In order to add value [to the audience around your brands], you need two things. You need to really understand what you stand for ... but then you really need to understand what your audience cares about. Because good marketing sits at the intersection of those two things.”

“Good marketing comes from companies who really understand who they are. And as you scale, you need to be able to document that and simplify that to something that people can really grab onto, and then go execute and get on board with.”

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