“Career walk” with Mimmi Arndt of Anyfin: Why fintech marketing should move beyond fintech

Updated: Apr 14

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Career walk with Mimmi Arndt of Anyfin

Mimmi Arndt is probably one of the few experienced fintech marketers out there who has actually started her career at a fintech. Inspired and fascinated by iZettle’s simple card payment solution and its application in her mom’s small business, Mimmi applied for an internship at iZettle, which later turned into a full-time position. “I was actually planning to head back to school for my master’s degree, but declined that and continued with a full-time position at iZettle. This is one of my best decisions ever made and I’m forever grateful for the iZettle experience and journey.” Mimmi said.

Currently, Mimmi is a Head of Marketing at Anyfin, where she’s part of the management team and responsible for managing the company’s entire marketing function including PR, Design, Brand and Growth Marketing. Founded in 2018 by Mikael Hussain (CEO), Sven Perkmann (CTO) and Filip Polhem (COO), Anyfin is one of Sweden’s fastest-growing fintech startups, with nearly $45m in total funding to date. By enabling customers to refinance their existing loans, Anyfin is on a mission to improve the overall financial well-being of Europeans and “put them back in control of their finances”.

Last month, Anyfin released its new marketing campaign, “The Budget Bootcamp”. Initially rolled out to the Swedish market, the campaign is developed in collaboration with the professional psychologist Björn Hedensjö and presents a 28-day challenge programme offering 28 unique money-saving hacks that aim to help Swedes get into strong financial shape. According to Mimmi, the Budget Bootcamp is one of Anyfin’s most successful campaigns so far. “The campaign has been far more successful than we could ever imagine.”

Anyfin Budget Bootcamp
Image source: Anyfin

Before joining Anyfin, Mimmi also spent 3 years at the leading Swedish creative agency Åkestam Holst, where she was running campaigns for key clients like IKEA and SAS. Moving to the other side of the fence has been instrumental for Mimmi’s further career development in fintech. It allowed her to really understand how branding works and master her long-term brand-building skills.

“Fintech players often prioritise speed but when a company reaches a certain size, you need to start thinking before you just go ahead and execute. Without a long-term plan in place that connects your product roadmap with your marketing activities, it will be hard to continue growing. Sometimes you need to take a step back and understand what problem you are trying to solve, not only today but also in the future.”

So, how can fintechs keep the balance between short-term performance marketing and long-term brand building strategies? Why do fintechs need to look for inspiration and ideas beyond the industry and their own categories? To learn the answers to these questions and take a glimpse into Mimmi’s favourite fintech campaigns, biggest failures and successes and her prediction for the industry next year, read her complete story below.

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Tell us about your career start? How did you end up doing marketing for a fintech?

Growing up with two entrepreneur parents, it became very clear to me how important it is to have your marketing in place. You can have the best or coolest idea, but with no one knowing about it, you won’t go far. Back in the days, my mother was struggling with card payments as all available solutions were both expensive and not adapted for small business owners. iZettle was a key tool for her in those early days, and looking at her struggle and how easily iZettle solved a lot of her problems, I applied for an internship at iZettle in 2013. I was actually planning to head back to school for my master’s degree, but eventually decided not to do it and continued with a full-time position at iZettle instead. This is one of my best decisions ever made and I’m forever grateful for the iZettle experience and journey.

What’s unique about marketing a fintech?

Definitely working with products that historically are known for being boring and complicated. The whole fintech space has been disrupting traditional financial services - developing products that are all of a sudden easy to use and understand. However, it is obvious that the old perceptions about financial services are still there; low trust, loyalty and engagement - so only adding technology to the mix won’t do the trick. Here marketing plays a crucial role - everything you do needs to add some sort of value - show how you are different. I believe that this is a fairly unique challenge for the fintech space.

What is actually “fintech marketing”? Can you define the term in a few words?