"Career walk" interview with Katie Rosseau of Curve: The creative side of fintech

Updated: Oct 11

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Career walk interview with Katie Rosseau of Curve

“Anyone can learn ‘fintech’, but work ethic is non-negotiable. Finding that balance between drive and creativity is what I focus on when hiring, and it’s what makes our team so special.”

The star of this week’s “Career walk” edition, Katie Rosseau, is not the typical fintech marketer. Creative by heart and craft, Katie’s journey to fintech was non-average. After a brief design career in one of the world’s leading traditional finance organisations, she “vowed to never work in finance again”, and she took the “agency” path instead.

Until the summer of 2019, when she was offered to help an early-stage UK fintech startup with their brand book. Sticking to her “strictly no-finance work” vow, Katie initially said “no” to the opportunity. But, curious and intrigued by this “new version” of finance and following some extra persuasion from the client, she eventually accepted the gig.

A little over 2 years later, Katie is now one of the few in-house creative directors in the fintech sector, and has (without a doubt) built one of the most distinct and controversial fintech brands in the UK; Curve. Bold, raging red, deep black and cheeky, yet friendly tone of voice are just a few of the assets that have turned Curve into a true “over-the-top” challenger brand.

Founded in 2015 by Shachar Bialick, Curve is one of the fastest-growing challengers in the UK who has attracted nearly $180m worth of investments so far. Unlike rival challenger neobanks Monzo and Revolut, Curve is not really a bank and doesn’t provide personal accounts. It instead offers its customers the option to combine and simplify their finances. With an app and a card, Curve lets you connect all of your bank accounts and cards into one convenient place.

Following its massive success in the UK, the company is now seeking to expand its offering to the US market and has just raised over £9.8m in its latest crowdfund campaign on Crowdcube (completely smashing its initial target of £1mn).

So what’s it like to be a Creative Director at a fintech? For Katie, it's a two-way street:

“Full time: I spend most of my time leveraging our brand and our team’s creativity to solve both customer and business needs.

Part time: Winning over the hearts and minds of my colleagues who have never worked with a creative team, showing them the value we can add.”

What’s been pivotal in Katie’s career so far? To find out, read Katie’s complete story below.

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