Market like a fintech: Financial education and marketing with Katie Perry

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Market Like a Fintech with Katie Perry

Fintech is supposed to be about financial education, empowerment and literacy.

But we can probably all agree, that sometimes there’s more talk than action. Or even worse, hypocrisy. When it comes to education, it can be a little unclear what that means. Does it mean Youtube videos? Blog posts? Webinars? Books?

The good news is there are some fintech companies that are taking the financial education challenge head-on. They’re not just publishing a few blog posts about budgeting, but instead are designing curriculums, hosting virtual events and building a community.

One of those companies is, a social trading app where members can invest in stocks and also share ideas within a community of investors. The team understood right from the beginning that the number one barrier to investing is psychological, and therefore the best way to overcome this is with a community.

We’ve talked about community before on the podcast, specifically about how to build a community through a Slack group. But has taken a different approach and made community literally part of the product.