Market like a fintech: Hiring and becoming a CMO at a fintech with Irina Chuchkina

Updated: Oct 17

Hosted by Araminta Robertson, 'Market like a fintech' is the new podcast for fintech marketing professionals and enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, and level up their marketing knowledge. Subscribe here to never miss an episode.

Market Like a Fintech with Sarah Hollinshead of Attest

Hiring a fintech's first CMO can be scary. Becoming a first-time CMO can be daunting...

Often, you’re the only marketing person in the company. Often, you are hired to manage everything from content to paid, to PR and branding. Often, you are hired right when a company is in full growth mode.

We hear so many questions from fintech founders and even marketers in the fintech industry about CMOs, such as: When is the right time to hire a CMO? Where do I find one? How much should I pay them?