Market like a fintech: The benefit of building an in-house brand team with Luke Richardson

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Market Like a Fintech with Luke Richardson

Everyone in marketing will talk to you about the importance of building a brand.

Why you should build brand equity, figure out brand positioning, communicate your brand effectively to potential and current customers.

But putting it into practice is not straightforward. That’s because a brand is not just a nice logo and a cool website. It’s the soul of a company, it’s your mission and purpose, and values.

Most companies outsource this exercise or don’t give it too much thought. But we’re in fintech, where a lot of companies care a lot about their brand. And there are some fintech companies where the brand is really at the core of what they do. For one, it’s so important, that they have their own in-house brand team working alongside them.

This company is Pleo, known for its minimal, attractive and yet strong and recognisable brand. Pleo is a B2B fintech that offers smart company cards that aut