Market like a fintech: 'How to stand out from competition in a growing market' with Marc Winitz

Updated: Oct 11

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Market like a fintech with Marc Winitz of Rapyd

In this episode of “Market like a fintech”, Araminta is chatting with Marc Winitz, Chief Marketing Officer at Rapyd. Marc has experience as a senior marketing leader working with multi-million dollar budgets and a background in enterprise software, SaaS and systems integration markets.

Rapyd is a fintech as a service platform, which lets businesses collect and disburse money locally through preferred payment methods. Rapyd offers 900 alternative payment methods ranging from cash, e-wallets, local card networks and a lot more. They currently operate in over 100 countries, hit $100 million in revenue in 2020 and were valued at $2 billion earlier this year.

In the episode, Araminta and Marc chat about Marc's experience with SaaS and fintech companies, who Rapyd’s target market is and how Rapyd is building a developer community.