What fintechs can learn from Monzo and BrewDog on building a strong customer community

Updated: Apr 14

How can you build a loyal customer community? And what's common between Monzo and BrewDog? Teresa Bartaseviciute, Marketing Manager at Automated Payment Transfer, discusses what made the communities of the iconic UK challenger brands such a success and how you can replicate it at your fintech.

Monzo vs BrewDog Banner

I must admit I have an obsession with companies, which are truly market a.k.a customer-led, especially if they achieve it by building a strong community. Surprisingly, there are not that many very successful examples of truly customer-led companies as it involves heavy investment in understanding your customer and willingness to quickly change and switch priorities together with the market. With globalisation and digitalisation, the velocity of the change becomes faster and faster making a quick change difficult even for agile teams.

In a few recent years, I have been following two brands, which, in my opinion, nailed what it means to be consumer first: UK’s fintech darling challenger bank Monzo and BrewDog with its Equity For Punks scheme.

Let’s discuss what made their communities a success and how you could replicate it at your fintech.