Market like a fintech: Crypto marketing with Michelle O'Connor of TaxBit

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Market like a fintech with Michelle O'Connor of TaxBit

In this episode of "Market Like a Fintech", Araminta is chatting with Michelle O’Connor, VP of marketing at TaxBit. Michelle has extensive experience working in the fintech marketing space. She set up her own marketing agency helping small businesses in 2009, and since then has worked as the VP of marketing at Uphold, and currently advises startups in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space.

TaxBit is a tax software platform and accounting firm that helps traders, merchants and exchanges manage their crypto taxes. It supports over 4,200 cryptocurrencies, equities and commodities, and is the official IRS partner for data and reporting on taxes. They recently raised $100 million in their Series A this January.

In their discussion, Araminta and Michelle talk about what makes the crypto community a different kind of community, how to produce content that is reliable and trusted, and how crypto and fintech companies should be managing their soci