Billx is now Juno: Q&A with Sara de Velasco

Updated: Oct 11

UK-based fintech Billx has rebranded as Juno. To learn more about the company’s decision to rebrand and what Juno stands for, we spoke to Sara de Velasco, Head of Marketing at Juno.

Billx is now Juno - banner
Image source: Juno

Earlier this year, Billx became Juno and went through a complete rebrand. Founded in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic by Michael Wilkinson, Pete Bailey and Darren Westlake, Juno is a London-based payments app that is on a mission to completely “revolutionise” the way we pay and get paid with Open Banking.

Commenting on the decision to rebrand and rename the company, Michael said: “Spending time with our early beta testers we were receiving consistent feedback around subliminal meanings of our name which could impact onboarding new customers. Expanding the team and working on the future vision together pushed us to dig into what was needed from our brand and what we wanted to achieve going forwards. We developed something that has meaning to our team and value for our customers.”

Hence, the rationale for Juno’s rebranding was driven by the following 2 key factors: their customers, and their ambition for the future. In addition to responding to their customers’ initial feedback, Juno’s team also wanted to avoid limiting the brand to a product-specific name as they’re planning to grow its product offering beyond billing and payments.

Pronunciation was also important: "We also want to be a global brand, so we needed a name that would work in any language. On top of these, it wasn’t immediately obvious how to pronounce it…Billks or Bill-x".

That’s how Juno was born. The name was specifically chosen due to its international versatility, distinctness and memorability.