How tickr’s rebranding campaign strengthens its social investing promise

Updated: Apr 14

tickr – a UK impact investment app – has rebranded its product during a pandemic to better reflect its philanthropic aims and vision for the future. We interviewed Tom McGillycuddy, co-founder of tickr, to understand the company’s decision.

Rebranding and redesigning products post-launch can prove to be an immense challenge. It takes careful planning and typically reflects a fundamental shift in a company’s aims, philosophy, or identity. tickr, which describes itself as “an impact platform that lets you invest in companies making a positive impact, and offset your carbon footprint”, has done just that.

tickr has raised more than $6 mln and has amassed more than one hundred thousand users since its launch in January 2019. It launched as an investing app, but Tom McGillycuddy, co-founder, tells us they want to expand and be known more generally as an impact platform:

“[W]e want to be known as … [t]he single most convenient place where people go to positively impact the world through their finances. Investing is just where we've started. The brand, the look and feel of the app, the product etc. all needed to change to represent this vision.”

What’s changed? tickr's new product offerings

tickr used to provide users with three impact-themed portfolios to invest in or allowed them to choose a combination of the three: ‘Climate Change’, ‘Equality’ and ‘Disruptive Technology’. The company has now diluted this into two impact-themed portfolios – ‘People’ and ‘Planet’ – but still offers the combination option.

The previous categories titled ‘Equality’ and ‘Disruptive Technology’ merged into one more comprehensive category: ‘People’. tickr describes the companies in this category as “improving access to education and driving innovation in healthcare and cybersecurity.” ‘Planet’, on the other hand, spotlights companies “focusing on renewable energy, and access to clean water and sustainable food.”

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The exchange-traded funds and bonds do not seem to have changed drastically. However, by simplifying the process of investment even further tickr gives itself space to expand into other initiatives. For example, its ‘Round it Up’ offering, which rounds up the spare change on your transactions to the nearest pound to maximise your investments, and its carbon offsetting subscription that allows you to contribute monthly to climate protection projects.

The company's recent rebranding suggests it is looking to launch even more features and services in the near future. When asked about the future of the company Tom McGillycuddy said:

“For us, the story of tickr has hardly begun. Set against the long-term goals that we have; the immediate term will see us build out the product to encompass more features and services that empower our customers to have more of a positive impact on the world. We will do this while expanding the team and launching internationally in 2021 and beyond.”

tick's brand promise: Positive impact, accessibility and inclusion

The aesthetic shift from abstract geometric shapes to more clearly representative graphics marks a move away from the individualistic investment angle of the product and towards a clearer philanthropic ethos, setting it apart from competitors. tickr isn’t just an investment app and its rebranding ensures customers are aware of the overarching vision of the company and its founders at all times.