How TrueLayer built a close-knit design community

Updated: Apr 14

Designing for fintech isn’t easy. This fast-paced market throws up new challenges and countless complexities every single day. With demand high and quality a must, discover how designers at TrueLayer find balance in the world of open banking.

In a recent Medium post, Mirta Rotondo, VP of Brand & Design at the UK fintech TrueLayer, shared her inside story of how the company managed to build a strong and loyal design community.

Here is how.

Design org mission - TrueLayer's mission is to increase open banking adoption by creating a more open, modern and human experience.

How do they get there? - By establishing a positive, memorable and recognisable experience for those who interact with TrueLayer's brand.

How do they make this real? - By following their purpose, shared values and design principles.