Fintech video marketing demystified

Updated: Apr 14

What makes a successful video in the fintech sector? Simon Crofts of Big Button is sharing his top 4 tips for creating the ultimate fintech marketing video, based on their latest consumer research analysis.

I’ve been working with clients in Finance and Fintech for many years, always looking to create more effective content that stands out from the deluge of video being produced by others with similar messages. So how do you create more engaging films that people in the sector want to watch?

Most of us have access to a wealth of data behind our video archive, and that’s the perfect place to start. Auditing your existing video content to see what works best will help shape the films you make next; look through the analytics behind your films to see how your audience has been responding. In Big Button’s recent white paper, we focused on these analytics and looked at hundreds of films in the sector, to see what we could learn from those that were most ‘successful’.

Duration: Longer videos often get higher engagement

One thing that became clear is that the duration of a video plays a key role in engagement, but perhaps not in the way you might think. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as just making your films shorter. Although duration can make a difference to audience engagement, sometimes longer content can be better.

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