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Market like a fintech: All about content, tribe and talent with Helen Owen

Hosted by Araminta Robertson, 'Market like a fintech' is the new podcast for fintech marketing professionals and enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, and level up their marketing knowledge. Subscribe here to never miss an episode.

Market Like a Fintech with Helen Owen

Managing the brand of a B2B fintech isn’t always straightforward.

As a brand, you want to have enough personality so other fintechs you’re targeting want to work with you. But you also have to be professional enough so incumbents and larger players will take you seriously.

Many fintech companies are often too corporate or dull. While others are too playful and immature. But Tribe Payments seems to have found the balance.

Tribe is a B2B fintech company that does payment processing for issuers, acquirers and fintechs, as well as Open Banking APIs, fraud and risk monitoring, and a lot more. In this episode, Araminta talks to Helen Owen, VP Marketing at Tribe, about their core target audience and her approach to creating content for them, how Tribe is standing out and cutting through the noise (and why they love being a tribe), and finally the challenges to attracting talent and how Tribe is tackling those.

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Listen to Helen's complete interview below.

I think it's important to us to be creative, to have a little bit of a fun element. But also have a really strong balance between showing people that we are fun human beings, but also we know what we're doing.

Key takeaways:

On what B2B fintechs are doing wrong - So, one thing I would say that fintechs really need to do is to find their voice. Sometimes, very early-stage fintechs need to be very corporate-sounding. And what happens there is that they lose that impetus that you can have behind the brand, in the initial stages.

We're in a massively competitive space, where if you're trying to do something innovative, go show it in your brand, your tone of voice, in everything you do through your marketing and do it consistently.

On content marketing and education - From a content point of view, we're looking at both very broad and very targeted content strategies - we absolutely have to do educational pieces but also content that specifically relates to our customers' problems and pain points. This means talking about the market issues that our audiences have and then sort of connecting that to our solutions to show what benefit it can deliver on in tackling a challenge that they might have.

On Tribe's "Fintech 5x5" report campaign - The campaign ran from about July until October and it was very much 100% thought leadership. There was no kind of plugin there for Tribe. From a product perspective, it was purely about helping fintechs to understand what technologies they need to be considering.

We did some front-end primary research through a survey. Then, we invited some high profile companies, real experts in each of their areas, like Microsoft, for instance, and we asked them for their contributions. So they wrote a small insight piece each around each of those areas.

For us, it was important to build an ecosystem where we can bring in partners or experts that can help those fintechs to offer that extra value to our content.

On building tribe - Although we're a UK-based company, our development team, which is the largest part of our business, as you'd expect from a tech company, is based in Lithuania. And we then have people in Moldova as well. We're very focused internally on nurturing this culture of one tribe, it's important for us as a small but very fast-growing business, to make sure that we are a tight-knit team.

We're a very agile team, we all have each other's backs, we all work towards the same goals. And what that translates to, in terms of business success, is that we deliver better for clients, we are all very focused on client success, on supporting the growth mission of the company.

The tribe feeling is very much about building partnerships and an ecosystem as much as it is about internal teams. And this is a strong part of our positioning.


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The challenges of attracting talent - You've probably heard about the great resignation - a lot of people are kind of looking for something new. After 2 years of remote working, many of us have started re-evaluating what we've been doing and a lot of people are changing jobs.

At the same time, lots of companies are starting to realise that, particularly from a marketing and business development point of view, they need to start reinvesting in that growth through the next couple of years coming out of the pandemic. And so what's happening is we've got this situation where there are people looking for jobs, but there are far far more jobs around than there is a market. So, we're all caught up in the battle for the best talent, which is a really tough situation.

For more interesting insights, listen to Helen's complete interview below.


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