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Market like a fintech: Video production and marketing in the fintech with Gabriel Whitehead

Hosted by Araminta Robertson, 'Market like a fintech' is the new podcast for fintech marketing professionals and enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, and level up their marketing knowledge. Subscribe here to never miss an episode.

Market Like a Fintech with Gabriel Whitehead

If you’re in marketing, you’ve probably heard it before: video is an essential part of the marketing mix.

Video has proven to help increase conversions and build your brand awareness, and is a no-brainer for anyone wanting to connect with prospects and customers.

But video is also hard. Video requires having a reasonable budget. It requires a well thought out strategy. It requires knowing what you want and need.

In this episode, Araminta spoke to Gabriel Whitehead, Managing Director at Finance Shoots, a creative agency focused on fintech and financial services. She asked a lot of questions about video and video production, and Gabriel kindly and patiently answered all of them. They even had a chance to cover a few of the questions some people asked in our Slack group.

Specifically they talk about attribution — can it be measured with video, and how? They also talked about: how does a startup get started with video: what do they need to already have in place, should they do animation or interviews and what are the 3 most important videos a fintech startup should do — as well as some examples of fintech companies doing a great job with video.

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Listen to Gabriel's complete interview below.

It's really interesting about every company becoming a publisher, and every publisher becoming a company. It's kind of quite an unusual combination, because the publishing is obviously very hard to monetize on its own.

Key takeaways:

On video ROI - If people are talking about your video on sales calls, and every time you actually speak to your clients, I think that is like an absolutely massive indicator that it's resonated with people.

On video effectiveness on LinkedIn - I think everyone knows this. LinkedIn is obviously incredibly expensive platform to run ads on. But also, for a lot of B2B fintech offerings, I imagine it's probably the only place where you could actually target the people that you need to. It's hard to say, but then I feel like that kind of general like halo effect of being in someone's LinkedIn feed with engaging content. That's still pretty valuable.

Where to start from - The most helpful place to start is to do some sort of brand video. And that doesn't have to be some really expensive or long process. But I think that the value of that is that you're doing it at a kind of top level, you're kind of thinking like, it's almost like a briefing exercise for all the rest of your videos while also getting a video out of it. Because you'll obviously have to start thinking about what your brand looks like in motion.

How to do video - Take a position on something. And I don't think you can get bogged down in details. And it has to say, basically has to say the same thing over and over again, in different ways for maybe about 60 or 90 seconds. I think if there's room in your kind of tone of voice and brand to have humour, I think you definitely want to do it. In terms of stylistics on the video, I think there's some kind of strategic things about the way you go about it. Obviously, cost is one factor, there's certain types of styles like pick short text animations. But I think you should definitely not commit to doing some sort of brand video that has a lot of like, people in it, like from your company, unless there is a large amount of buy in and kind of general competency for being on camera, because that's like a huge risk.


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When to start producing video - You definitely need some sort of minimum viable brand in place. You need to be clear on your positioning. And I think it's very hard to write copy for a brand video if you don't have any USPs, or you're not sure about them. I think there's some kind of more practical things as well. Like, I think you need consensus and buy in at the start of doing that project. At the early stage, this is something that we often see ruins most video projects and has the risk of the lack of money.

On the role of video in podcasts - I think the value of video when it comes to podcasts is literally just using these to create short clips and use them as adverts for the podcast. It's really like taking little bits out of your [podcasts) like the 11:FS stuff. I think it's designed really nicely. It looks really great. And they're obviously doing absolutely insane amount of content.

For more interesting insights, listen to Gabriel's complete interview below.


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