"CMO talk" with Assurly’s Loic Jeanjean: Fintech is in the era of emotional marketing

Updated: Apr 14

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CMO talk with Loic Jeanjean of Assurly banner

2021 will truly be a clutch year for marketers. To survive, brands will have to adapt their strategy and fully meet the expectations of a consumer in search of meaning, warmth and honesty.

In today’s edition of our “CMO talk” series, we’re meeting you with Loic Jeanjean, CMO at the French insurtech startup Assurly.

Founded in 2017, Assurly is now at a pre-launch stage, getting ready to launch its first product - a digital mortgage insurance solution for the French market.

Loic joined Assurly’s team in the summer of 2020, right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. With more than 15 years of experience in both Sales and Marketing, Loic is looking after Assurly’s overall marketing function. Currently, he is busy implementing an integrated marketing strategy that aims to cover every step of the sales and marketing funnel, with a particular focus on branding, advertising and communications.

What’s the secret to developing a successful go-to-market strategy? Understand who your ideal client is

According to Loic, a key step in developing an effective go-to-market strategy is identifying an ideal buyer or client persona. Using buyer personas is a common market segmentation tactic used by many marketers nowadays.

For those of you who are new to the term, below is a brief description of what it means.

What is a buyer persona? - Buyer personas are fictional, generalised characters that simply represent your ideal customers. Within an ideal buyer profile, you will work with multiple buyer personas.

Loic recommends starting the segmentation process by gathering a mix of both qualitative and quantitative consumer data.

“This step is really important. You need to truly understand your future customers if you want to strive to create the best possible customer experience to meet their needs.”

Loic describes the whole process in just one word: “empathy”. Whilst it might seem like a logical step, he thinks that very often startups seem to forget and overlook it, especially in their early days.

“It’s called "empathy", and it’s often overlooked by a lot of startups when they get started. This exercise can really help you define what your promise to your customers should be, and how you can substantiate it.”

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From sales to marketing

Prior to joining Assurly, Loic was the Head of B2B Marketing at the Paris-based fintech scaleup Ledger, where he was managing the marketing function for their fully managed SaaS solution.

However, Loic’s work experience is not limited to just fintech and marketing. Before Ledger, he was the Chief Growth Officer at a Martech SaaS company that involved advising and evangelising companies on innovative brand content and lead generation in the Mobile Mark