"CMO talk" with Qube's Scott Henderson: The biggest challenge for fintechs is building trust

Updated: Apr 14

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Scott Henderson Qube Money CMO talk

“Too many Fintech companies focus on features and products versus the benefits of helping end users improve their life. They fall in love with their products and then forget who they are serving. Marketers should remember to focus on the end-user rather than talk about how great their product is.”

In this edition of the “CMO talk” series, I’m chatting with Scott Henderson, CMO of US-based Fintech startup, Qube Money.

Qube Money was founded by financial health coach, Ryan Clark. Throughout his career as a financial coach, he saw time and time again his clients failing to stick to a budget. The budgeting apps they used lacked the necessary features and none of them addressed the main issue with budgeting: spending. He would help clients build comprehensive budgets, only for them to fall off track a few months down the road. The only method that worked was the Cash Envelope method: one separate cash envelope for every individual budget category: groceries, rent, bills, etc. With this method, every envelope is filled with a specific amount of cash. You can only spend what’s in that envelope, and once you’ve spent it all, you simply have to wait till the next month.

The only disadvantage with this system is that it has to be done in cash. And in today’s world of crypto, mobile payments and neobanks, it’s a