5 fintech marketing strategies and why they work

Updated: Apr 14

It’s an exciting time in the world of fintech. Being one of the fastest-growing industries in the world, fintech has a stream of new brands and solutions trying to break into the industry.

But fintechs stand against old and established financial institutions that are set in their ways and customers who are used to a particular way of banking and nervous about trusting new technologies with their money.

So how can fintechs get their message out there and build trust with these audiences? We’ve listed 5 of the most effective fintech marketing strategies that you can adopt today.

Optimise your website

Being a fintech brand, you should have sufficient knowledge when it comes to optimising your site to provide an enjoyable and seamless user experience.

Providing a good user experience is hugely about ensuring you have a mobile responsive website. A mobile-friendly site improves SEO so you’ll rank higher in Google search results, and increase your chance of converting your visitors to clients or customers.

Tip: Keep your web copy short and to the point and use visual elements to make your site more attractive. Steer clear of unnecessary widgets, pop-ups or irrelevant content that makes navigation frustrating.

Content marketing

Not only does content marketing cost 62% less than traditional marketing and bring in 3x more leads, but high-quality content continues to pull traffic to your site