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4 audacious fintech marketing campaigns of 2023

Andrés Cáceres, Marketing Manager at Tribe Payments and member of The FMH community, takes a look at 4 of the most audacious fintech marketing campaigns of the past 2023.

Most audacious fintech marketing campaigns of 2023

2023 threw the financial world curveballs, but amidst the geopolitical global turmoil and headliners like the collapse of SVB bank, some fintech marketing campaigns soared. Throughout this article, we will explore some standout campaigns that tackled audience skepticism, built trust, and drove engagement with fresh strategies.

Building trust with actionable tactics: Nubank Takes on Scams

Facing online fraudsters posing as their brand, Nubank - the Brazilian challenger bank - launched #PareceMasNãoÉoNubank (it looks like Nubank, but it isn’t). They acquired fraudulent domains that resembled their own and redirected them to a security portal that provides educational videos, exposes scammers' tactics, and offers communications channels to talk to an agent. 

This campaign doesn't just talk about the role of marketing in building the audience’s trust but also reflects the angular skills required to integrate different departments to articulate one idea.

Nubank campaign


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Ditching banking beige for brilliant marketing: Monzo's Wrapped EOY

Monzo has pushed the communication boundaries in the financial industry once again. The UK digital challenger bank created an in-app campaign reflecting individual user spending habits and complemented it with a “fake” OOH digital campaign that highlighted different locations around the UK based on trending purchases made by their users. 

Even when this type of content strategy started a couple of years ago with Strava and became viral with Spotify, Monzon’s team managed to raise the bar. Their witty insights and engaging storytelling elevate them beyond mere data.

This magic isn't made by just a group of people following a rigid adherence to a tone of voice guide. It's rooted in Monzo's DNA and requires data analysts, developers, and marketers to orchestrate a symphony of insights that resonate with each user. Hats off to Monzo!

Monzo campaign

Bold statements, long-lasting content: Saxo's Outrageous Predictions

Saxo, Denmark's online trading platform, clearly understands how to give a twist to expected company statements for the year to come and turn them into Outrageous 2024 Predictions. This content marketing campaign dared to disrupt a “tradition” while showcasing a unique and memorable brand identity.

Their marketing team was able to read to the room and talk in media language: buzzing headliners. This way they reached Bloomberg, CNBC, Business Insider, and now the Fintech Marketing Hub, and in the meantime, they proved how their customers can benefit from the data and insights they hold in order to prepare for the year to come. 

Saxo outrageous predictions

Donation infrastructure and social impact: Adyen & Make-A-Wish Team Up

Adyen, the financial technology platform, partnered with the children’s charity Make-A-Wish to allow their merchants to activate a donation option at their checkout. The company created a minimal setup process for businesses to accept donations while providing them with all the marketing material and collateral they needed and absorbing the associated processing fees.

The relationship with Make-A-Wish started in 2022 with Adyen’s 2022 holiday campaign and it has demonstrated how financial infrastructure can be used to drive social impact. From a pragmatic perspective, the campaign allows the company to market its ability to provide out-of-the-box technology at a global scale while contributing to positive brand exposure.

Adyen make a wish campaign

The takeaway

As marketers in the financial and technology sector, we know that talking about money involves creating credibility and trust, a long-term game that needs to be played with short-term wins. Whether we’re talking about merchants or retail consumers, it is always a challenge to resonate with users who either feel underserved, misunderstood, or left out from the trends that allow them to access financial services at the right moment and at the right time. 

Therefore disrupting marketing strategies will always give our brand - and our sales team - the exposure required to approach new prospects with a unique message demonstrating how the company’s know-how will help them reach their goals.  

Before a final wrap-up, it is also important to highlight the mainstream spaces reached by well-known brands like Klarna in the Super Bowl, SumUp in the football scene, or Nuvei showcasing Ryand Raynolds as his investor. They all pave the way to build the credibility needed to deliver a mass adoption of financial products for the rest of the players in the ecosystem. 

These campaigns remind us that creativity and strategic partnerships can win audiences even in challenging times. So, take inspiration from these brands and craft your own audacious fintech marketing success story in 2024!


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