Sustainable marketing: German fintech Tomorrow launches a new wooden Visa card

Updated: Apr 14

The German fintech Tomorrow has launched one of the first wooden cards on the market as part of its premium Zero account, which allows customers to offset their annual carbon footprint.

Tomorrow's new wood debit card
Image source: Tomorrow

Debit cards made of wood, corn or metal instead of plastic - it sounds like a very good idea! Especially when they're both fancy and sustainable. These new-generation eco-friendly cards have quickly become the newest status symbol for environmentally conscious consumers who're looking for greener and more sustainable products.

Whilst sustainable banking and investment products are currently appealing to a relatively small percentage of the market, the "new wave" is expected to have a major influence on the rest of the market participants, and quickly turn into a "mass wave", setting a new industry standard. So far, challenger banks have been leading the way in the field, with N26, Revolut or Vivid Money being among the early adopters who have introduced metal cards as part of their premium offerings.

However, many incumbents have also started catching up with the trend and introduced their own eco-friendly cards. The Swiss leader UBS and Ireland's Bank of Ireland have chosen corn-based alternative cards, whilst UK's Nationwide and Denmark's Danske Bank have gone for cards made from recycled plastic.

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