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Payhawk x Grigor Dimitrov: A strategic play for brand expansion

Updated: Jun 14

Fast-growing spend management fintech Payhawk has signed its first global ambassador deal with Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov. Maisie Richardson, Payhawk's VP of Global Demand Generation, spoke to the FMH about the significance of this move for the company's overall marketing strategy.

Payhawk x Grigor Dimitrov

In an ambitious move to enhance its global brand recognition and credibility, Payhawk, the leading business spend management platform, has recently announced its first global brand ambassadorship with Bulgarian tennis star Grigor Dimitrov. Known for its innovative approach in helping businesses streamline their spending processes through a comprehensive platform that integrates corporate cards, payments, expense management, and invoice processing into one seamless solution, Payhawk is now taking a significant step towards increasing its influence beyond traditional business circles.

To learn more about Payhawk's latest marketing move, we spoke to its VP of Global Demand Generation Maisie Richardson who shared insights into the objectives, activation, and anticipated impacts of this high-profile collaboration.

Read Maisie's complete interview below.


Leveraging Grigor's champion influence

Grigor Dimitrov, renowned for his prowess on the tennis court and his magnetic appeal off it, represents an ideal figurehead for Payhawk. According to Maisie Richardson, the collaboration is designed to leverage Dimitrov's "immense popularity and influence in the tennis world to raise awareness of Payhawk's brand and startup story, on an international scale.” His alignment with the ethos of peak performance and efficiency mirrors Payhawk’s commitment to these principles in business spend management.

"[Dimitrov's] status as a top athlete, originally from Bulgaria, aligns well with our positioning as a leading global business spend management solution focused on efficiency and peak performance."

Strategic objectives and target demographics

Payhawk's primary objectives with Dimitrov’s ambassadorship are clear: driving brand recognition, credibility, and affinity globally. The tennis world, popular in Europe and North America, attracts a demographic that aligns perfectly with Payhawk’s target audience: highly educated and qualified individuals.

"We are particularly interested in increasing our visibility and relevance among business leaders, finance professionals, and SME owners across Europe, North America, and key growth markets where tennis has a strong following. Tennis is popular throughout mainland Europe and North America, and the tennis audience demographic contains a higher percentage of highly educated and qualified individuals, which correlates well with our target audience."


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Upcoming marketing synergies

The partnership will be visible across several high-profile platforms. Fans can expect to see Dimitrov sporting the Payhawk logo at Grand Slam tournaments and major ATP events. Richardson elaborates, “We will leverage Dimitrov’s social media following for co-marketing campaigns, and run promotional content featuring him as a global ambassador.” Expect exciting giveaways, exclusive events, and limited edition signed merchandise, enhancing the engagement between Payhawk and its potential customers.

"We will also be running regional giveaways where prospects who view a demo of our spend management platform can enter to win hospitality packages to prestigious tennis tournaments like the French Open and Wimbledon."

Beyond traditional celebrity endorsements

This partnership extends beyond a traditional endorsement, integrating Dimitrov deeply into Payhawk’s marketing strategy. It’s about “putting the Payhawk name and story in front of potential customers and partners around the world,” says Richardson. The association with Dimitrov, Bulgaria’s most successful tennis player, is strategic, enhancing Payhawk’s credibility by associating with a globally recognised and respected figure.

The impact on audience engagement

With Dimitrov displaying the Payhawk logo during his matches, the brand anticipates a significant boost in audience engagement, website traffic, and social media interactions. Such visibility positions Payhawk alongside prestigious brands traditionally seen in the tennis sponsorship arena, thereby boosting trust and credibility.

"With Grigor displaying our brand so prominently on the world's biggest tennis stages, we anticipate a substantial increase in audience engagement metrics like website traffic, impressions, and social media interactions. This visibility, combined with our tactics towards the mid and bottom of the funnel, will elevate our brand awareness and brand recall among millions of potential customers worldwide. Finally, Tennis sponsors are typically trusted, household names (e.g. Rolex, JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, IBM), and presence alongside such brands elevates our trust and credibility which ultimately translates to greater opportunity win rates."

Prospects for Payhawk

Looking forward, Payhawk is optimistic about the evolution of this partnership. Depending on its success, the scope may expand to include more exclusive events, co-created content, and an even more comprehensive role for Dimitrov within Payhawk's marketing initiatives. This partnership is not just about visibility; it’s about creating deeper, more meaningful connections across all channels and touchpoints.

In summary, Payhawk's strategic ambassadorship with Grigor Dimitrov represents a bold step towards becoming a dominant force in the global spend management arena, harnessing the power of a sports icon to solidify its brand among a strategically aligned audience.

To learn more about Payhawk, visit their website.


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