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Crafting wealth together: Inside Moneyfarm's bold rebrand with CCO Fabio Zampaglione

Dive into the strategic vision and creative synergy that propelled Moneyfarm's latest brand metamorphosis, as narrated by their CCO Fabio Zampaglione.

Moneyfarm rebranding

Last month, Moneyfarm, a leading European fintech firm known for its innovative digital wealth management solutions, unveiled a new chapter in its brand evolution. Spearheaded by Fabio Zampaglione, Moneyfarm's Chief Commercial Officer, and underpinned by the compelling motto 'Wealth, together', the rebranding initiative encapsulates the company's dedication to collaborative wealth-building.

The rebrand reflects a strategic expansion of Moneyfarm's investment offerings and a commitment to blending cutting-edge technology with personalised expert advice. This approach aims to resonate with a diverse investor base, prioritising transparency, low fees, and user-friendly experiences. In a detailed Q&A, Fabio sheds light on the creative journey, the motivations for the rebrand, and how Moneyfarm's renewed identity is set to redefine the financial pathways for investors across the UK and Italy.

Read Fabio's complete Q&A below.


What’s Moneyfarm's new brand identity all about?


Moneyfarm has crystallised its new brand identity around the powerful tagline, ‘Wealth, together’. This line represents our philosophy of being by the side of investors to help them achieve their financial goals and our ambition to be a total wealth partner, which we are well positioned to do thanks to our broader offering of investment solutions. It also encapsulates how we combine smart technology with the reassurance of human expertise, whilst remaining faithful to our core principles of ease, transparency, low fees and independence to grow in partnership with our investors.

Over the past year, we have introduced a range of solutions to meet the needs of different types of investors. Whether via the website or app, Moneyfarm makes engaging with our team of experts easy and accessible, unlike many digital wealth solutions that discourage phone contact.

Reinforcing ‘Wealth, together’ is a brand refresh that sees a new TV and billboard campaign starting in January across both the UK and Italy. It also brings a new visual language and expression including an evolution of the ‘Moneyfarm Arc’, our distinctive key visual, as well as a refresh of the logo and app badge, a typeface chosen to convey gravitas, and a refreshed colour palette of watermelon and aubergine that are distinctive in the sector. The use of illustrations has been replaced by confident, front-facing photography to connect with the viewer, creating a feeling of ‘togetherness’.

What was the branding creative process like? Did you work with an agency or was it an all-in-house effort?


The evolution of our brand involved looking outwardly at the marketplace, while also looking objectively inwardly. We conducted in-depth research to understand investor behaviour and needs, and how our wealth management and investment solutions meet those needs, compared to other wealth management solutions available to investors. This helped us better understand our core customers and then develop a comprehensive and differentiated strategy which we did in collaboration with global brand experience firm, Siegel+Gale.

The resulting strategy helped fuel our new visual identity, and to breathe life into this positioning, we also appointed creative agency, Fold7.

Together, we developed an advertising campaign that highlights Moneyfarm's unique hybrid model; showing the benefits of combining the power of smart technology with the reassurance of expert human guidance when investing, ultimately giving their investors the best of both worlds. A simple mechanic showing how two possibilities can combine, has allowed for an execution that is playful and distinctive, breaking category traditions.


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Have you faced any challenges during the Moneyfarm's rebrand process? If yes, what were they and how did you tackle them?


Our challenge was twofold. First, we were challenged to define and communicate how Moneyfarm can credibly and distinctively be a total wealth partner to investors, meeting a growing range of investor needs, with an even broader range of investment solutions, while staying true to our core principles of ease, transparency, low fees and independence.

Our research affirmed what we already knew; that all investors are not alike, and that investment needs vary across a range of spectrums;

  • by stage of investment journey (just starting out versus nearing retirement),

  • by degree of investment knowledge and level of confidence,

  • by short-term versus long-term goals,

  • by risk appetite,

  • by desire to go it alone versus seeking professional guidance, etc.

Despite these differences, our research revealed a commonality amongst most investors, that the majority of those surveyed do value guidance and the reassurance of an investment professional at some point in their investment journey.

With this learning, we were able to identify what Moneyfarm does well and differently than most other digital wealth managers. The Moneyfarm experience has always combined the simplicity of smart technology with the reassurance of human expertise. Most investors are looking for a wealth management solution that is simple but offers enough personal guidance to help them better understand the investment solutions that suit their needs. And with an even wider range of solutions introduced over the past year, more than ever, we want customers to call or message us, so that we can help our investors build and manage their ‘wealth, together’.

With this insight, gained through the in-depth, bespoke qualitative and quantitative research conducted by Siegel+Gale, our next challenge was to bring this concept - Moneyfarm being by the side of the investor, to build their ‘wealth, together’, combining smart tech and human expertise - to life visually. These are not simple principles to convey in a way that is memorable and easily understood in a few seconds’ TV spot, but Fold7 was up for the challenge. They adeptly partnered with us to understand our investor needs and our investment solutions, and seized upon a well-recognised concept; why settle for one option when you can have the ‘best of both’ to convey Moneyfarm’s ‘wealth, together’ brand promise


What was the motivation for the rebranding?


Navigating the world of investing and financial services can seem daunting. Our research confirms this, showing that the majority of investors want investing to be as quick and effortless as possible. Further, we know that investors need guidance to help them better understand the investment options that suit their needs. Addressing this, the Moneyfarm experience combines smart tech and human guidance and because of this, we are uniquely positioned to help investors build and manage their ‘wealth, together’.

Making the process as simple, efficient and transparent as possible has always been our mission but the market has become crowded, and with more investment options, it has become more complex for individual investors to navigate on their own. In response, we sensed the need to clarify how Moneyfarm can be a total wealth partner, in the context of an expanding product offering and an increasingly competitive environment to drive brand awareness and cut-through in a distinctive and category-breaking way.


What does the activation campaign look like? How are you planning to communicate the changes with your existing customers?


A series of 30”, 15”, 10” and 6” TV, social, and digital edits went live in January in both the UK and Italy. We also have an out-of-home campaign running in parallel. 


Our customer has been at the centre of this journey. Their needs have driven the growth and expansion of our business and offering, and therefore, how this is reflected in the brand.


All of our clients were informed in advance of the brand change through the usual touchpoints that allow us to be with them at all times; from a direct email and the blog to newsletters and social media. We wanted to explain the rationale for this evolution while conveying some practical information given that more than 130,000 people entrust us with their savings, and even a "simple" change of the app icon needs to be communicated appropriately.


Lastly, we ran internal briefings for our team of advisors and customer support team, so that they would be ready to provide further information and details to any customer who requested it.


What’s next for Moneyfarm? And what are your marketing priorities for 2024?


We launched Moneyfarm in 2012 with a clear vision to help more people improve their financial wellbeing by making investing simple and accessible through technology.

We have always been seen as a disruptor and one of the most influential fintechs in the UK and Italy. But we aren't complacent and continually evolve our products and services along with our brand.


Last year we undertook in-depth consumer research into the behaviour and needs of investors. The research found that even investors who felt confident in their investment knowledge and would prefer to go it alone didn't feel adequately equipped to navigate the array of investment options that are available today. This crystallised our philosophy of being by the side of investors on their investing journey and accelerated our ambition to be a total wealth partner, working with investors to grow and manage their ‘wealth, together’.


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