How to build a likeable fintech brand

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

How can you distinguish your brand in such a busy and competitive market like fintech? Edwin Abl, CMO at the UK-based fintech Modulr, shares his thoughts on why you need to build a likeable brand and 4 practical tips to refocus your branding efforts.

We all work in busy industries but tech, and especially the burgeoning fintech sector, are highly competitive with new entrants bombarding the same customer base.

It leaves many CMOs with their hands full. How do we distinguish ourselves in such a busy market?

After attending a brand agency talk a few weeks ago, something was said that resonated with me:

“All great marketers know you should be customer-led and trustworthy, but you should really think about being the most likeable brand in your category.”

This idea of building a ‘likeable’ brand is something I wanted to unpack a little further in the context of fintech marketing. As emerging fintechs continue to create innovative solutions and provide alternatives to the existing financial services, how can Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) build highly-likeable brands that customers truly engage and connect with?

In this article, I’ll explain my reasoning, as well as offer 4 practical tips on how to begin your journey to becoming a likeable brand.