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What's the future for the 'Market Like a Fintech' podcast? - Season 2 preview with Araminta & Ani

Hosted by Araminta Robertson, 'Market like a fintech' is the new podcast for fintech marketing professionals and enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry, and level up their marketing knowledge. Subscribe here to never miss an episode.

Market Like a Fintech with Araminta & Ani

As marketers, we forget that often our job is to inspire.

To inspire potential customers to be a better version of themselves, to inspire our community to join forces and work together, to inspire members of our team, who want to solve important problems.

At the Market Like a Fintech podcast, we realised we could do a better job at inspiring fellow fintech marketers to maximise their potential as marketers.

Because the truth is, the fintech industry needs us. The hardest part of growing a fintech company is acquiring customers — without them, you’ve got nothing. But most fintech founders are technical product builders who are focused on working on important issues such as financial inclusion, transparency and accessibility.

But without customers, without reaching the right people, these products are unable to fulfill their purposes.

As fintech marketers, we are helping fintech companies reach the right people and solve these important problems.

We’ve taken a step back to figure out how we can do a better job and inspire marketers, while remaining actionable and useful. This allowed us to figure out our mission, which is to inspire fintech marketers fulfill a fintech’s purpose, by uncovering the different ways fintech companies are choosing to build relationships with customers. As the host, Araminta is taking you on a journey to find out how other marketers do this, and how you can do this too. We all want the same thing: to democratise finance.

In this episode of Market Like a Fintech, Araminta and Ani reflect on the lessons learned during Season 1 and discuss how the podcast is evolving and what listeners can expect in Season 2.


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