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French fintech Libeo launches new brand identity after raising €20m in February

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Paris-based B2B payments fintech Libeo has released a new brand identity after closing a €20m Series A round led by partners at DST Global, Serena and LocalGlobe earlier this year.

To learn more and get a behind-the-scenes insight into Libeo's rebranding campaign, we spoke to Amandine Moreau, Head of Corporate Marketing and Comms at Libeo.

Libeo launches a new brand identity

Libeo is a French fintech scaleup that was launched just over two years ago by banking veteran Pierre Dutaret and co-founders Jeremy Attuil and Pierre-Antoine Glandier. Since then, the company has processed over €100m in payments and attracted close to 100,000 users on its platform.

Focussing on the SME target segment, Libeo has created a simple digital solution to managing accounts payable and receivables, with core features like digitised invoices, one-click no-IBAN payments, and cash flow monitoring.

“Paying and communicating with a supplier should be as simple and intuitive as sending a message on a social network, that’s how we built Libeo,” Pierre Dutaret, Jeremy Attuil and Pierre-Antoine Glandier

After its massive success over the past two years and the recent €20m Series A round, Libeo is now on the path to scale with the launch of a new and completely revamped brand identity.

Bolder, 70s-inspired colours and motion graphics are just a few of Libeo’s new brand assets. To find out more and get a behind-the-scenes insight into the company’s latest rebranding campaign, we spoke to Amandine Moreau, Head of Corporate Marketing and Comms at Libeo, who has been at the helm of the project. Read Amandine’s complete interview below.


What does the new Libeo brand stand for? What are the new brand's key traits?

Since 2019, Libeo has been the leading European B2B payment specialist. The new brand stands for the trust between business partners established by Libeo.

With its solution, Libeo has been able to remove the barriers related to the financial management of payments between businesses and become the European market leader by growing a network of 100,000 interconnected companies. Building on its technological capabilities, we want to expand Libeo’s offering through its new functionalities and become the first of its kind interconnecting trust hub for small and medium-size organisations.

This need for interconnection that was explicitly expressed by our customers right from the start, needed to be appropriately reflected in our branding and marketing, which prompted the rebranding.

Libeo’s new brand has therefore been enriched with the following key traits:

  • New, brighter and more striking colours - Orange and Green. We needed to sit into the payment world but stand out from it.

  • A 70s mindset – Libeo’s new branding assets are inspired by the groovy 70s style filled with earthy shades and bold colour associations like avocado green and burned orange and vibrant pop culture, bringing a sense of warmth and love that effectively reflects our motto: “Business payments with peace and love”.

  • A new brand mascot - An animated hand symbolising the helping hand given to entrepreneurs, whether they are restaurant owners, shopkeepers or managers of very small businesses, has also been introduced as the company’s new brand mascot.

Overall, with Libeo’s new branding identity, we wanted to focus on the human side and mutual aid between professionals and businesses.

Libeo's old vs new brand


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Why did you decide to rebrand in the first place?

Libeo is entering a dynamic new phase following the trend our customers have been instilling in us. This translates into the following 3 development axes:

  • Our offering is growing with new services; the integration of collections, the possibility to follow them, to define a dunning policy, or even the payment in foreign currencies with a control on the rates.

  • We want to know our customers better.

  • With these strengths, our goal is to attack new markets: we are preparing to enter the UK and other European markets.

There was also a strong drive to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Have you faced any challenges during the rebranding process? If yes, what were they and you tackled them?

We received interesting and various feedback from beta testers and this is obviously something we had to take into account. Bringing a few B2C codes into the financial B2B world remains bold. Look at widely recognized global brands such as Salesforce, Prestashop, or Alan. They all built strong personalities through their brand. This is exactly what we want to achieve with Libeo’s new branding.

Can you give us a glimpse behind the overall rebranding campaign? How are you approaching your go-to-market strategy? What’s your current marketing priority?

After an update of all existing assets, we intend to leverage this new identity to remain closer to our customers, on one hand, and to reach and resonate with more and more entrepreneurs, on the other hand.

With nearly 100 000 companies on the platform, so far, we’ve been able to effectively reinforce our value proposition, adapt our messaging and identify our key distribution channels.

It would be hard to summarise all of our upcoming projects into one unique priority, but establishing our leadership and building a marketing team that can accompany international expansion are top priorities.

“What a pleasure to carry out a rebranding project with the incredible Libeons'team and with the only purpose of "Helping every entrepreneur get more out of business and life". Our ambition is to no longer just simplify and streamline payments between businesses, but we also believe in the possibility to create a real hub of exchange and mutual assistance thanks to the 100,000 businesses that are part of the Libeo community.” Amandine Moreau, Head of Corporate Marketing and Comms at Libeo

How have you communicated the changes with your existing customers and made sure that they’re aligned with your vision?

It was a “step-by-step process”. We started off with a number of beta testers before we pushed the “ON” button to all users. We communicated our vision and new dynamics taken through traditional marketing channels such as an email sent from our CEO, etc.

The majority of feedback we received was very positive which was enough to proceed with the launch as we all know how rare it is to convince 100% of people on such a project.

Every single aspect of this new identity has been thought thoroughly and we wanted to avoid subjectivity, whilst keeping consistency.

What’s next for Libeo?

We’re planning to consolidate and put into action our commitment to create connections and become a hub for building relationships between professionals by launching a series of new features.

And of course, we’ll keep an eye on payment management and instant exchange services provided by consumer market leaders (WhatsApp, Revolut, Lydia, etc.) as a source of inspiration to build a new trend of payments services for professionals, combining security regulation and social networking.


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Amandine of Libeo

About Amandine Moreau: Amandine is the Head of Corporate Marketing and Comms at the French payments scaleup Libeo. She has more than 10 years of experience in fintech marketing and has worked with global market leaders such as iBanFirst, Saxo Bank and American Express.


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