Wirex has launched its first global brand campaign

After announcing its strategic partnership with Mastercard at the end of July, the London-based fintech Wirex launched its first brand campaign. With a major focus on TV, Wirex’s campaign aims to grow the business by communicating the company’s key user benefits and its overall vision of a digital economy that is accessible to everyone.

To learn more about Wirex’s first brand campaign, we spoke to Martin Best, CMO at Wirex.

Wirex new brand campaign
Image source: Wirex
"We're very unique - in fact we like to consider ourselves as 'the Hedgehog Fintech' - we're not aiming to be a Unicorn per se. We turned profitable in 2020 and while scaling very quickly, we're aiming to monetise as we grow rather than burn through millions in marketing acquisition.We believe that the days of the Unicorn funding model are likely over and the era of the hedgehog has begun!"

What is Wirex’s new brand campaign all about?

This is an exciting time at Wirex because it's actually our first ever global TV campaign we'll be using across all channels. We felt that 2020 was the right time because we're now available in 2 global regions (EEA and APAC) and have 3 million registered users worldwide.

What is the campaign about? Many have historically perceived a crypto-friendly payment card like Wirex as being a niche segment for those that have expert knowledge of crypto and digital assets. What we're aiming to do is say that crypto really is for all - we're stripping back the complexity and making it relevant to everyone.

We also link our unique Cryptoback™ rewards to the campaign because it enables literally anyone with a Wirex card to receive Cryptoback™ for retail purchases. We feel that we're, therefore, delivering on the promise to widen participation and accessibility to the crypto-friendly segment of Fintech.