How do you market "free" money? Branding.

Why is branding in crypto marketing paramount? Find out in Brad Michelson's recent interview with Dan Hennessy, Creative Director at BlockFi.

Crypto Branding with BlockFi

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A company’s brand is like their personality. Everything the consumer learns about the company as a company is seen, heard, inferred, and intuited from that voice. In crypto, these signals are even more important. Unlike most industries, trust is paramount to all else.


Well, for one, you’re dealing with people’s money here. They’ve got to trust you.

But in an ecosystem where spectrums of “trustlessness” is a key value proposition, being able to provide additional reasons (even subconscious reasons) for the user to trust you is important. And, in a young industry like ours, the battle lines of best practice for things like voice, branding, design, and so on are still being defined.

That’s why, this week we’ll be digging into crypto brand and design with Dan Hennessy, Creative Director at