Branding in the time of crisis with PensionBee

Updated: Apr 14

While many companies have decided to reduce marketing spend and postpone new launches as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, others are moving ahead. Jasper Martens, CMO at the leading UK fintech scale up PensionBee, explains why they continued with the launch of their new brand campaign despite the crisis.

PensionBee Platform
Image source: PensionBee
We never thought about cancelling the campaign. We knew that if we continued to offer trust and stability to our customers in these uncertain times, we would come out of this with our customers stronger than ever. Building these important values into your Brand is key, Covid-19 or no Covid-19 pandemic.

What is the focus of the new PensionBee brand campaign?

PensionBee has been combining pensions from previous jobs into a new online plan since 2015. In those 5 years, we’ve learned about our customers, why they sign up to us, how they use our product but also, how it makes them feel.

Being in control of your financial future means that you’re lifting all that weight of your shoulders. What a great feeling it is if you’re pension confident and on top of your pension! And what better way to ask our own customers to tell how they felt when they joined PensionBee, taking control of their pension. Since we started PensionBee, our customers have always been at the center of our product development and advertising, and this campaign is no different.

PensionBee brand campaign