"Career walk" interview with Brad Michelson of eToro

Updated: Oct 11

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Career walk interview with Brad Michelson of eToro

The great thing about fintech in general is that the industry was made for making financial products easier to use for everyone. So much so that the fintech industry has become oversaturated companies pushing the same message and value propositions. The biggest struggle now is to stand out and give consumers a reason to pay attention to what your brand has to say.

Brad Michelson started his career journey on the other side of the fence, at a digital agency. But he’s always had an interest in bitcoin and personal finance, and he was “lucky enough” to quickly transition into his first fintech marketing role at the US-based P2P crypto trading platform, AirSwap.

“Like many young marketers, you work at an agency for a few years, master your best practices, and move on. I was lucky enough to transition pretty quickly into my first fintech company and have been working in this sector ever since.”

In 2019, Brad joined one of the most successful social trading platforms, eToro as a Senior Marketing Manager and he was responsible for navigating the company’s overall US marketing function. Earlier this year, he was promoted as a Head of US Digital Assets Marketing.