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Going to the bank is a thing of the past: Inside Ally's new campaign

Decked out with old-fashioned fonts and looking like it’s hosted on Geocities, Ally Bank’s new advertising campaign, ‘Bank Smarter‘, wants to make visiting a bank branch a thing of the past.

Ally - a better way to bank

Ally’s new retro advertising campaign

The big idea: Branch banking was already on a decline before COVID-19 hit. Digital banking has just accelerated since the pandemic.

  • 84% of US adults used online banking in July 2020, up from 81% in July 2019, according to a recent survey.

  • 35% of US adults used mobile banking for most of their retail banking in July 2020, up from 32% in July 2019

Ally’s retro campaign: Ally Bank’s latest online campaign reminds us of some of the things we don’t miss about going to the bank. In doing so, the imagery and text encourage people to turn to Ally’s digital-only offerings.

  • The campaign highlights four relics of the banking past: the pen chain, pneumatic tube, bank chair, and line dividers.

  • All of the assets drive to a dedicated Landing Page as “retro” as going to the bank,

  • Social ads will run on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat.

  • Kicking off in Q4, the new campaign is a continuation of the bank’s Ally’s Bills campaign


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