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The FMH experience at 2024 Money2020 Europe in Amsterdam

This year, The Fintech Marketing Hub was an official media partner of Money20/20 in Amsterdam from 4th to 6th June. Our founder, Ani Petrova, attended the event for the first time. Here's a brief recap of her experience there.

Fintech Marketing Hub at Money2020 2024 Europe

This year, Money2020 Europe, hosted in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, was nothing short of a spectacle. It was a gathering of the world’s fintech elite, engaging in a relentless 72-hour marathon of discussions, showcases, and networking. After years of FOMO, I finally managed to see what all the fuss was about, and I must say that my first Money2020 experience lived up to my expectations and beyond.

In this write-up, I've summarised some of the key themes and takeaways shared during the event, along with insights from our members about their experience at the event, the biggest opportunities for fintech marketers, and where the potential in the sector lies.

FMH at Money2020 EU 2024

Key themes and topics at the 2024 edition of Money2020 Europe

At this year's Money2020 Europe conference, the majority of discussions revolved around new payment systems, AI integration, and strategic approaches to digital banking. Here are some of the key themes:

Open Banking advances: There was a strong emphasis on the need for collaboration across the industry to enhance open banking systems and create a unified payment experience across Europe.

Artificial Intelligence: AI's role in financial services was another major theme, with discussions on its ability to predict consumer preferences and tailor experiences. Notable implementations included Burberry's use of AI for anti-counterfeiting measures and Dior's use of AI to analyse consumer data for better engagement. The focus was on managing security and compliance risks and the strategic management necessary to leverage AI effectively, ensuring it contributes to a competitive advantage.

Technological innovations in digital banking: Emphasis was placed on leveraging cloud technologies and microservices to enhance scalability and customer engagement in digital banking.

Marketing and customer perspectives: The importance of being agile in adapting to social media trends, especially for engaging with Gen Z, was highlighted as crucial for growth. Discussions also emphasised the need for financial services to simplify their offerings to build trust and make innovative solutions more accessible. Companies like Revolut were praised for prioritising customer experience and trust-building strategies as key growth drivers, focusing on improving product offerings to enhance customer satisfaction and increase profitability. 

Fintech expansion: The growth of fintech in the Middle East and Turkey was noted, driven by digital transformation and strategic partnerships.

Overall, the discussions at Money2020 Europe 2024 demonstrate the sector's shift towards more integrated, user-friendly, and technologically advanced financial services and solutions aimed at meeting the evolving needs of global consumers.

The battle for attention: Creative engagements and booth extravaganzas

As I strolled through the massive venue in Amsterdam, I couldn't help but be captivated by the elaborate booth designs and interactive experiences on display.  From grande, flashy booth designs that towered over the conference floor to sparkly merch that twinkled under the exhibition hall lights, every element was meticulously designed to attract and engage.

The variety of unique experiences also added a layer of excitement and fun to the event. For example, a Turkish ice cream man entertained with playful tricks while serving treats, creating a buzz among attendees around Turkey’s dedicated pavilion. Nearby, a professional photography spot by AU10TIX complete with its own makeup artist allowed visitors to get headshots taken, adding a personal touch to their networking efforts.

Other striking experiences were the in-door snow show by Enfuce and a life-size Shakira cut-out by Paymentwall which offered unique photo opportunities. Various games with attractive prizes scattered throughout the venue (e.g., PPRO’s memory game and Airwallex’s F1 speed challenge) also provided casual spaces for networking. 

Other brands that stood out according to the FMH community

I spent most of my time at the show on the Project Nemo stand so didn't do a lot of walking the show floor, but some brands that stood out for me were: Terrapay - reliably served the best coffee, complete with chocolate treats, Enfuce blowing hot and cold with a show snow shower and their hot seat sauna podcast, and Flexys showcasing their innovative debt management solution. (They also made the Project Nemo team friends for life by providing our much-needed post-show wind-down bubbles!) - Nikki Paul, Fintech Marketing Leader & Project Nemo Principal

Banking Circle - I loved how their layout was setup for meetings and for general questions. It was open and inviting. And MasterCard - When you have an entire stage and hallway in MC colors and branding you can't help but know MC sponsored that area. - Kathryn Kmiotek, Fintech Marketing Leader, ex-Fortis & BillGO, Money2020 RiseUp Participant

These activations were not just for show; they were strategic efforts by brands to drive traffic to their booths and showcase their latest technologies. This competitive environment reflects the broader trends in fintech marketing where engagement goes hand in hand with innovation.

Money2020 EU 2024 Booths: Enfuce, Banking Circle, Thredd, PPRO, Airwallex

Building connections and community

The true magic of Money2020, however, was in the personal interactions — I am so grateful for the chance to finally meet many members of our community in person, share ideas, and strengthen our collective understanding. Here, I’d also like to express our gratitude to Nium's fantastic team for hosting our FMH get-together at their booth Happy Hour on Day 2.

As Betsy Samuel, CMO of Thredd, shared: “The best thing about M2020 in general, and in Europe, in particular, is being able to see so many clients, partners, and ecosystem friends all in one place. It makes for a jam-packed week, but I always leave reinvigorated about the industry, the future, and the talent that is driving innovation.”

FMH community at Money2020 EU 2024

What’s next in fintech marketing 

In discussions within the marketing community at the event, the main focus was on how marketers can use new technologies like AI to meet the changing consumer needs. They also emphasised the importance of truly understanding the market and customers in a target. Additionally, there were discussions about the opportunities and challenges related to developing and implementing an omnichannel, value-driven marketing strategy. Here are some key thoughts from FMH members on these topics.

What is the biggest opportunity for fintechs in 2024? 

Given my role in Project Nemo, I believe the biggest opportunity for fintechs is thinking more about accessibility and disability inclusion. 24% of the UK population has some form of disability, so increasing the accessibility of your products, services, communications, and businesses is not just the right thing to do, it makes good business sense. - Nikki Paul, Fintech Marketing Leader & Project Nemo Principal

The biggest focus of fintechs lies in leveraging AI and embedded finance. M2020 agenda and speakers underlined how AI-driven solutions are revolutionizing financial services, offering personalized experiences, and driving operational efficiencies. Embedded finance is another key trend, enabling non-financial companies to seamlessly integrate financial services into their platforms. This convergence opens up new revenue streams and enhances customer engagement, making it a key area for fintech innovation and growth. - Magda Schmid-Debska, Head of Marketing & Comms, PXP Financial

Cross-border payments continue to be one of the biggest opportunities - and a mix of traditional and new infrastructure solutions: blockchain, stablecoins, and instant payment rails — all promising a brave new world of affordable instant global payments. - Irina Chuchkina, CMO at

I think there is immense opportunity for fintechs around the globe.  In particular, those organizations that can reduce payments friction-both in the consumer and B2B space now more than ever-will be well positioned for future success. Furthermore, those who can leverage the broader ecosystem of providers to create a multi-faceted product that is both effective on the front end as well as in the back office will definitely have an advantage. For marketers, I think it is more important than ever to be able to articulate your value to the organization across a variety of channels. People and businesses consume information all have unique preferences in terms of how to find and consume information, so the best approaches will be multi-channel. - Betsy Samuel, CMO at Thredd

We're already seeing some exciting trends on the horizon! Companies are increasingly understanding the importance of genuinely embracing ESG principles and balancing profit with purpose to earn customer trust and ensure long-term sustainability. Embedded finance will extend into even more diverse sectors such as healthcare, transportation, HR, and education and with AI becoming more integrated, financial services are expected to be more personalized and efficient than ever before. - Vanessa Schotes, CMO at Enfuce

This year, Money 20/20 was bigger than ever, and one of the many content themes that underpinned the conference was digital wallets and currencies. Discussions covered the essential trust we need to build with consumers for CBDCs and stablecoins to become mainstream, as well as exciting new uses for digital wallets beyond payments—such as identification. With 80% of Gen-Z using digital wallets, it makes perfect sense for the European Commission to explore additional use cases. Working in embedded finance, I think it’s really positive to remind ourselves of the bigger impact that seamless payments, or faster onboarding can have on real people’s lives. It’s an inspiring reminder of the importance of the technology we build and manage, and it was great to see that story out in full force through the event. - Raquel Soares Ribeiro, Director of Marketing & Comms, Edenred Payments

The biggest opportunity for fintech lies in advancing Open  Banking for widespread adoption, specifically within payments. There is a combined demand for uptake from consumers, businesses & regulations but, so far, solutions haven't been good enough. Revolutionary products like Semla utilise PSD2 to reduce payment fraud and costs, meeting the growing need for secure digital, financial services. - Lima Curtis, CMO at Semla

What is the one channel that you believe is currently underutilised by fintech marketers?

The B2B Fintech marketing industry still hasn't fully embraced the value-focused, intentional, thoughtful marketing channels that can shape perceptions, not just farm clicks. So, despite being very data-driven, I almost want to go against the instinct and explore channels that may appear more obvious and familiar, but definitely underutilised, such as leveraging Personal branding in social media, and Direct mail. – Irina Chuchkina

The power of trust-building through referral programs and compelling educational content to spotlight innovative products. - Concetta Ingrassia, CMO at CheckSig

I think marketers need to get creative with core formats to stay ahead of the game. Using blogs, podcasts, webinars, and social media for educational content and brand positioning is a must. The key to standing out is all about being innovative and thinking outside the box. - Vanessa Schotes

Looking ahead

For me, the event was a vivid reminder of the innovative spirit that drives our industry. Vanessa Schotes from Enfuce expressed it well: "Money2020 is the must-attend event of the year, where the brightest minds in fintech come together."

As we move forward, the conversations and connections from Money2020 Europe will definitely help shape our future projects and initiatives at the FMH. I am thankful for all the knowledge shared and the new and strengthened relationships. Being part of Money2020 was not just about seeing new things; it was about being part of a dialogue. The creative marketing efforts by the brands were inspiring, setting a new standard for how we engage and captivate our audience in this exciting industry.


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