Starling Bank: Be unique

Updated: Apr 14


Have you ever wondered what makes a successful fintech marketing strategy? In our "How they did it" series, we look at how some of the most successful and exciting fintechs in the world have approached marketing in their early days. Learn how Starling Bank, one of UK's top challenger banks, created a whole new experience for their customers by flipping their cards design from landscape to portrait.

Starling Bank flipped their card design from landscape to portrait to differentiate and generate buzz.

Be human

Like Monzo and Revolut, and majority of the other challenger banks in the market, the mobile-only Starling Bank is focusing its business strategy and model on the consumer – ‘The Starling account is all about empowering customers.’ But an interesting aspect of its marketing strategy is that it’s taking a soft approach to acquiring new customers. Instead of aggressively shouting out loud an appeal to ‘Switch’, the company is encouraging people to try its services first and make up their own minds. This is a very smart strategy, bearing in mind the fact that people are more likely to get divorced than switch their bank account - about 40% of the UK population, for example, have never switched their bank accounts.

Thus, Starling’s ultimate marketing goal is to build trustworthy customer relationships and offer a unique user experience. To achieve this, they used a number of well-known marketing tactics that have already been succ