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11:FS: Create your own media channels

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Have you ever wondered what makes a successful fintech marketing strategy? In our "How they did it" series, we look at how some of the most successful and exciting fintechs in the world have approached marketing in their early days. Today's post is about 11:FS, a London-based fintech consultancy, and their initial branding strategy.

Image source: 11:FS
11:FS created their own media channel by launching a podcast that is now the #1 business podcast for FinTech innovators and influencers, listened in more than 150 countries.

Start a movement and build a community through your own media channels

In the modern world of digital and social media where customers are empowered and have the freedom to choose what information to receive and when, authenticity and transparency are businesses’ best friends. Especially, if you are a small startup with zero or limited budget and staff. Realising this, 11:FS’s team decided to base their whole business model and brand proposition on the idea of creating authenticity through their actions, by selecting authentic projects to work on and establishing an authentic media voice.

A great example of this is the company’s podcast shows, FinTech Insider, Blockchain Insider, InsurTech Insider and Connection Interrupted. By speaking to clients and people in the community, 11:FS’s founders identified an increasing need for more genuine and human engagement in the industry. As most finance narrative and discussions are usually very technical and dry, they saw an opportunity to create their own media voice and set themselves apart from the competition by providing customers with more authentic, gritty and unapologetically honest content. So, they designed a branch of podcasts for everyone in the community, including individuals as well as big institutions, regulators and other market participants.

Their FinTech Insider podcast has become the #1 business podcast for fintech innovators and influencers, listened in more than 150 countries.

Thus, by providing real value to users and sticking to their integrity and core principles to avoid any direct sales and PR pitches on their media, 11:FS has managed to build a trustworthy brand, with real community and a powerful engine for inbound marketing and lead generation, which has been the main driver of the company’s growth so far.


11:FS is a challenger consultancy based in London which provides transformational advisory services and solutions for fintech start ups and traditional banks. In less than 2 years, 11:FS has managed to secure a handful of project partnerships in London, New York and Singapore, and take instrumental role in the development of some of the world’s top fintech disruptors including Monzo, Starling, Nutmeg and Tandem.



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