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Rivka Goldberg
Jan 27, 2022
In Marketing Tools
The new service from destream is aimed to help users who face problems when withdrawing donations through banks. According to Indeed, full-time bloggers make over $37,000 per year. The larger their audience, the more chances they have to receive large payments from donations and platform subscriptions. At the same time, banks often block their transactions and request additional documents. Content creators can receive donations made through different social media platforms on destream and manage the payment with the new debit card. Photo credit: The international fintech company destream is launching a bank card for streamers content creators. Destream is a tipping platform to increase content creator revenue, it provides different tools to improve engagement with the audience and conversion from viewers to donators. The platform allows bloggers and streamers to receive donations for content generated on popular social media, including Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Content creators can receive donations in any currency and through as many as possible payment methods with the widest geographical coverage. With the new debit card from destream bloggers don't need to transfer donations to their bank accounts and pay extra fees. The new bank card for creators will be issued upon request. This service will be available to registered destream users approximately from the third quarter of 2022. The card can be pre-ordered on, and for each friend they invite destream clients will receive a welcome bonus of 5 euros. “According to destream users, it is easier to have one bank card instead of several accounts to receive and withdraw donations from online platforms. Banks can be conservative and don’t always understand the concept of donations, which makes it difficult for bloggers and streamers to receive payments. At the same time, for many people, creating high-quality content on online platforms is becoming the main source of income, so we decided to launch a convenient solution for this new user category,” commented Tachat Igityan, CFO destream.
A Cypruse based fintech start up is launching a bank card for streamers, bloggers and content creators  content media
Rivka Goldberg
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